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Norah Tells All: Remembering Her First Private Dancer Booking

norah3So, you visited this website because you want to hire a private dancer, right? I'm hoping you'll select me! I love to strut my stuff and there's something extremely hot about having a guy watch you while doing so. Anyway, I was asked to write a quick summary about my first private dancer booking. Here it goes:

I Was So Afraid Of What I'd Get

When you are a private stripper, there is always the anticipation about who will show up to see you dance. You want to make this person feel good about their choice in selecting you. You don't want to mess up and have them tell your service you aren't what they wanted. So, I was extremely anxious about the whole ordeal. Would I be a hit? Would I flop?

I Remembered I Have What Is Wanted

I convinced myself that a guy wouldn't hire me if he didn't like what he saw in my photo profile. If you looked at it, you know what I mean. I have curves in all the right places. I'm an exotic looking woman, and many guys go for that foreign appearance. I have long hair and luscious lips....not to mention a backend that most guys would have difficulty keeping their hands off of if they saw it bare. I thought to myself...I got this.

Have Mardi Gras All Year In Las Vegas When You Book Private Strippers

julie4Are you a Mardi Gras lover? If you have experienced this festive holiday in Las Vegas in the past, you know how exciting it is. If you haven't had the opportunity, it is definitely a holiday you want to partake while in Sin City. Mardi Gras can last all year long, however, if you know how to incorporate the fanfare into your daily activities. This includes....private strippers! Read on to learn how these beautiful ladies will spice up your days and nights so you believe you're celebrating the holiday any time of the year.

Contact Us To Book Your Women

We have so many pretty ladies available for hire, you'll have a tough time picking out who you want to show up to your party or private viewing. We encourage you to take a look at the profiles of each of our strippers in detail. There you'll see a sneak peek of our strippers' beauty...some more scantily clad than others. We don't want to let all the secrets out, now, do we? You'll have to wait until your woman/women show up so you can see everything up close! Once you have figured out who you want to see, give us a call or email us, and we will schedule your session. It's that easy!

How To Pull Off Last Minute New Year Plans In Vegas

aubrey3If you are expecting to be in Las Vegas for the upcoming New Year's Eve holiday, it is likely you will want to enjoy festivities in the area. There are several opportunities for a great time, even if you didn't take the time to make reservations in advance. Here are some ideas for a last-minute extravaganza in Las Vegas for New Year's Even.

Head To Casinos For All Night Action

Casinos do not require that you make reservations of any kind to gamble. These will be chock-full of others who want to bring in the new year with a potential for lucky winnings. Since you do not need to alert anyone about your arrival, you can pop in and out of casinos at any time you wish, allowing you to take in the action at other establishments in the area between your gamble sessions. Dress up for the occasion and bring along a sexy date. You'll be the center of attention during one of the biggest holidays in the area. There's always the hope of leaving with a bundle of cash, as well.

Aubrey Prefers A Private Lap Dance In Your Room

aubrey4Our business provides escort services of all types for those who need companionship from a pretty lady. One of our gorgeous escorts, Aubrey, likes to give her clients a thrilling striptease as a part of their date. Find out why she prefers to give you a lap dance in your room instead of spending time out on the town.

Time For Just You And Her To Enjoy

When you forgo the public scene, your escort will be able to provide you with undivided attention for the extent of your scheduled time together. Why waste time trying to impress others when you can impress yourself with a sexy woman right in your room for you to enjoy in private? Yup, there's really no need unless it is a mandatory meeting you need to attend with a date. Get down to business quickly and enjoy all the time your date has to provide.

Let Our Strippers Show You How Grateful They Are For Your Tips!

brooke4Watching a striptease is an exhilarating experience for anyone. The sexiness of seeing someone take it all off right in front of your eyes is sure to get you in the mood for more. Our strippers love our clients and want to let you know just how much they appreciate the tips you give to them. 

Tips Help Our Women Fulfill Their Needs

While we do pay our escorts well for the services they provide, those who go above and beyond deserve to be compensated for their extra touches. Our escorts know just how much you enjoy stripteases and want to make sure you come back for more and more. The tips you provide to them give them that extra boost of energy needed to give you the ultimate experience. They know that you enjoy their performances and any compensation you provide shows them just how much you appreciate their services. Our women usually use tips to benefit their clients...this could be in the form of sexy new outfits to show off, nails to scratch with, or a stunning new hairdo. If you want to keep your favorite stripper looking her best, give her a bonus to help with the task.