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Let Our Strippers Show You How Grateful They Are For Your Tips!

brooke4Watching a striptease is an exhilarating experience for anyone. The sexiness of seeing someone take it all off right in front of your eyes is sure to get you in the mood for more. Our strippers love our clients and want to let you know just how much they appreciate the tips you give to them. 

Tips Help Our Women Fulfill Their Needs

While we do pay our escorts well for the services they provide, those who go above and beyond deserve to be compensated for their extra touches. Our escorts know just how much you enjoy stripteases and want to make sure you come back for more and more. The tips you provide to them give them that extra boost of energy needed to give you the ultimate experience. They know that you enjoy their performances and any compensation you provide shows them just how much you appreciate their services. Our women usually use tips to benefit their clients...this could be in the form of sexy new outfits to show off, nails to scratch with, or a stunning new hairdo. If you want to keep your favorite stripper looking her best, give her a bonus to help with the task.

Live Your Best Life At The Fetish And Fantasy Ball

bdsm girlThe Fetish and Fantasy Ball is a gala event held in Las Vegas each year in the autumn. This extravaganza has it all and allows you to be yourself and show off what interests you. Here are some amenities this party offers.

Mystery And Wonder

The aura in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is one that cannot be matched when it comes to a Halloween atmosphere. The establishment is decorated with darkness, wonder, and mystique in mind, putting you in the mood for the excitement that this holiday provides. Not only are the surroundings mystical, but the people you come into contact with will interest you with their whimsical costumes as well.

Burlesque Is An Art Form


If you have been invited to see a burlesque show with some friends, or if you are curious about the whole prospect of this type of entertainment, knowing what to expect can make your experience a bit more entertaining. Many people do not understand the premise of burlesque, and figure they are going to see women dancing around without their clothes on; they automatically think, strippers. Burlesque, however, is more than just a strip show.

Comedy Is Intertwined With Naughtiness

Burlesque shows are basically variety shows, that have several features mixed into them. They are provocative in nature, and really get you hot and bothered with their sexual innuendos. They use plenty of comedy to covey points to those spectating. They also have plenty of musical numbers, including solos and an all-female chorus. Seeing these women dance, make jokes, and show their body parts to the public is rather surreal, but very appealing to many people. Not only are the performers themselves artists, but the people who had written the skits, those in charge of props, and those who wrote the music, are also artists to appreciate.

How Our Strippers Stay at the Top of Their Game

erin2So, you're interested in hiring a stripper. This could be the hiring of a private stripper to enjoy yourself or the hiring of a stripper for a bachelor party or similar event. No matter what the reason, you want to hire someone who knows what she is doing. A stripper that cannot get guys in the mood to watch her moves is not worth the money. Here are some ways our strippers stay on top of their game so you know you are provided with the best experience ever.

They Frequent Shows To Learn Tricks Of The Trade

The strippers in strip clubs in the city have professional experience with dancing, stage presence, and fitness. Many of our strippers have previous experience in the dancing realm, including at these very establishments. To keep on top of their stripping knowledge, they head to the strip clubs regularly to watch the girls on stage. This gives them new ideas for their routines and ensures they are on top of what is new in the striptease world. They will also ask the strippers who work at these establishments for tips to help improve their own performances. Most girls at these clubs are happy to meet up with others in the same profession and are thrilled to share some of their tricks.

Tips For Women Looking For Fun In Sin City

helena2Las Vegas isn't just for the boys. It's a perfect location for a girls night out as well. From bachelorette parties to just getting away from the old ball and chain to have fun with your sisters from another mister, Sin City has got you covered. And don't worry, there's so much more fun to be had in Las Vegas than just strip clubs. Here are just a few things to do and tips to consider when wanting to have fun in Sin City.

Yes, Let Them Know You're a Bachelorette Party

We've all seen it. The group of girls decked out with shirts or sashes or crowns or inflatable pink penises proclaiming to the world that yes, they are in fact a bachelorette party and that one woman (the one with the extra-sized tiara) was going to get hitched sooner rather than later.