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Shea Talks Music

shea3Hello there boys and girls. I'm Shea and I'm an escort who loves to incorporate stripteasing into my dates. I used to be a stripper at one of the famous clubs here in Vegas and I use my skills to make clients extremely happy with their time alone with me. The music I strip to makes a huge difference in the overall aura of the experience. 

Jazz, R&B, And Easy Listening

When a stripper teases you with the way she removes her clothing, your anticipation level rises and you'll get a huge reward when you are finally able to get intimate with her with a hands-on approach. Slow songs allow me to sway to the beat, touching my body while giving you peeks of what I have underneath clothing. There's no need to rush into it! Let your eyes wander over what I'm offering. Linger on the parts that you like the best. I'll use the music to guide me. Romantic songs are often slow, as well as instrumentals. Which do you like best?

Mandy Meets The Bride

mandy2Hello out there! My name is Mandy, and I am an escort/stripper in Las Vegas that you can hire for personal dates or parties. I enjoy stripping very much, and I'm sure you will be enthusiastic about the performance I provide should you hire me for your event. I want to tell you a little story about the night I came face to face with the bride-to-be at a bachelor party I was working. Read on to learn more about how I saved the party with my actions!

I Was The Main Entertainment

When I was hired for this particular bachelor party, I was informed there was going to be a rather large crowd of men present. There were no women invited. Perfect! I could strut my stuff without having envious eyes upon me during my show. That seems to make an impact on a lot of strippers when it included. I was the only stripper performing. None of my coworkers were there to help me. It was all up to me!

Norah Tells All: Remembering Her First Private Dancer Booking

norah3So, you visited this website because you want to hire a private dancer, right? I'm hoping you'll select me! I love to strut my stuff and there's something extremely hot about having a guy watch you while doing so. Anyway, I was asked to write a quick summary about my first private dancer booking. Here it goes:

I Was So Afraid Of What I'd Get

When you are a private stripper, there is always the anticipation about who will show up to see you dance. You want to make this person feel good about their choice in selecting you. You don't want to mess up and have them tell your service you aren't what they wanted. So, I was extremely anxious about the whole ordeal. Would I be a hit? Would I flop?

I Remembered I Have What Is Wanted

I convinced myself that a guy wouldn't hire me if he didn't like what he saw in my photo profile. If you looked at it, you know what I mean. I have curves in all the right places. I'm an exotic looking woman, and many guys go for that foreign appearance. I have long hair and luscious lips....not to mention a backend that most guys would have difficulty keeping their hands off of if they saw it bare. I thought to myself...I got this.

Roxie Reveals Her Bachelor Party Bloopers

roxie2You came to the right place if you are looking for a stripper to hire for a bachelor party! My name is Roxie, and I am an escort/stripper for hire who loves to party! I have had a blast making parties exciting and I have some bloopers that show I had fun along the way. Here are some funny incidents that have happened in the past.

Looks Like We Aren't At The Right Place

When I first started stripping, I was all gung-ho to get to the parties on time and show the guys all they wanted to see. I keep a calendar of events to show where I need to be and at what time. Well, it was a leap year...and I, unfortunately, had a calendar where you wrote in the dates on your own. I didn't realize there was a February 29th that year. So...on February 29th, which I thought was March 1st...I showed up at an event hall for what I thought was a pre-planned bachelor party. I was instructed to wait in the foyer and barrel on through the doors precisely at 4 p.m. I did just that. Imagine the surprise of the older folks who were attending a retirement party! Yes...I gave them an eye full! I went back the next day and did a repeat performance...for the right guys.

Have Mardi Gras All Year In Las Vegas When You Book Private Strippers

julie4Are you a Mardi Gras lover? If you have experienced this festive holiday in Las Vegas in the past, you know how exciting it is. If you haven't had the opportunity, it is definitely a holiday you want to partake while in Sin City. Mardi Gras can last all year long, however, if you know how to incorporate the fanfare into your daily activities. This includes....private strippers! Read on to learn how these beautiful ladies will spice up your days and nights so you believe you're celebrating the holiday any time of the year.

Contact Us To Book Your Women

We have so many pretty ladies available for hire, you'll have a tough time picking out who you want to show up to your party or private viewing. We encourage you to take a look at the profiles of each of our strippers in detail. There you'll see a sneak peek of our strippers' beauty...some more scantily clad than others. We don't want to let all the secrets out, now, do we? You'll have to wait until your woman/women show up so you can see everything up close! Once you have figured out who you want to see, give us a call or email us, and we will schedule your session. It's that easy!