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Let Our Strippers Show You How Grateful They Are For Your Tips!

brooke4Watching a striptease is an exhilarating experience for anyone. The sexiness of seeing someone take it all off right in front of your eyes is sure to get you in the mood for more. Our strippers love our clients and want to let you know just how much they appreciate the tips you give to them. 

Tips Help Our Women Fulfill Their Needs

While we do pay our escorts well for the services they provide, those who go above and beyond deserve to be compensated for their extra touches. Our escorts know just how much you enjoy stripteases and want to make sure you come back for more and more. The tips you provide to them give them that extra boost of energy needed to give you the ultimate experience. They know that you enjoy their performances and any compensation you provide shows them just how much you appreciate their services. Our women usually use tips to benefit their clients...this could be in the form of sexy new outfits to show off, nails to scratch with, or a stunning new hairdo. If you want to keep your favorite stripper looking her best, give her a bonus to help with the task.

A Tip Can Be The Bonus To Get You More Services

Those who tip strippers for performances they obtain usually get a bit more in VIP treatment than those that do not. Our strippers will give you additional services if you show them just how much you liked what you saw. A tip can mean an additional lapdance, a private showing with all kinds of hands-on benefits, or a sultry massage in private. Those who show their escorts appreciation will be reciprocated in beneficial ways. Find out what your escort has up her sleeve by slipping her some cash in appreciation of her services.

Set Aside Some Alone Time Without Worry About Quick Session Ending Times

A tip can help keep your stripper at your place longer. After all, with the promise of extra cash for services, she won't be as quick to head out on another job if she can remain in the same location as you. Let your stripper know that you may be interested in some extra session time so that she can alert our service of this possibility. This way we can push off any prior commitments and give another client a stand-in stripper if needed. Tips speak loudly in the escort world and you're sure to obtain the best of the best if you show your stripper how much you appreciate what she does for you. In return, your stripper will show you some sultry moves that you may have never seen before. You'll be pushed up the list with service benefits, giving you the ultimate experience, and one you will want to reinact over and over again.