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Norah Tells All: Remembering Her First Private Dancer Booking

norah3So, you visited this website because you want to hire a private dancer, right? I'm hoping you'll select me! I love to strut my stuff and there's something extremely hot about having a guy watch you while doing so. Anyway, I was asked to write a quick summary about my first private dancer booking. Here it goes:

I Was So Afraid Of What I'd Get

When you are a private stripper, there is always the anticipation about who will show up to see you dance. You want to make this person feel good about their choice in selecting you. You don't want to mess up and have them tell your service you aren't what they wanted. So, I was extremely anxious about the whole ordeal. Would I be a hit? Would I flop?

I Remembered I Have What Is Wanted

I convinced myself that a guy wouldn't hire me if he didn't like what he saw in my photo profile. If you looked at it, you know what I mean. I have curves in all the right places. I'm an exotic looking woman, and many guys go for that foreign appearance. I have long hair and luscious lips....not to mention a backend that most guys would have difficulty keeping their hands off of if they saw it bare. I thought to myself...I got this.

I Focused Upon My Client

My client was a middle-aged guy who was in the city on business. All he wanted was to watch a pretty woman strip...nothing more. That took some pressure off of my first night's work. I would still try to convince him that he would want to spend time alone with me after the striptease was over, that that was on the back burner until my performance was done. I thought about what he had told me...he wanted a slow dance, some touches in between moves, and for me to look him in the eyes when I got in front of him. No problem! I'm here to please!

The Session Was Extremely Successful

I focused upon moving my body in ways that I thought this client would appreciate...and wow was I ever so right in my selections. My client really got into the dance and he even got up and did some dancing with me. I forgot about him being a paying customer and instead thought about just what it was that he needed from hiring an escort. I do believe he walked away happier than he had expected. And, yeah...I did convince him to spend some time alone with me after I peeled off my layers for him. Let's just say the tip I received reflects my performances...both on the stripping front and what came afterward. It involved massage and some sexy roleplay, btw. 

If you are interested in hiring a private dancer, I'm totally available. Check out me and my coworkers and pick out your sexy number now!