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Shea Talks Music

shea3Hello there boys and girls. I'm Shea and I'm an escort who loves to incorporate stripteasing into my dates. I used to be a stripper at one of the famous clubs here in Vegas and I use my skills to make clients extremely happy with their time alone with me. The music I strip to makes a huge difference in the overall aura of the experience. 

Jazz, R&B, And Easy Listening

When a stripper teases you with the way she removes her clothing, your anticipation level rises and you'll get a huge reward when you are finally able to get intimate with her with a hands-on approach. Slow songs allow me to sway to the beat, touching my body while giving you peeks of what I have underneath clothing. There's no need to rush into it! Let your eyes wander over what I'm offering. Linger on the parts that you like the best. I'll use the music to guide me. Romantic songs are often slow, as well as instrumentals. Which do you like best?

Rock And Pop Favorites

A faster tune, such a rock song or a favorite pop number, gives me the burst of energy I need to enthrall you with a performance unlike any other. You'll love watching my curves move back and forth to the bass. You'll definitely see some jiggling parts! This usually gets my clients in the mood for exploration. Many even get into the performance and dance along with me since fast songs, especially those that were prior hits where everyone knows the lyrics. 

Country Music Excitement

Not all strippers can perform to country music. It's a difficult genre to get into, especially if you select tunes from decades past. In recent years, however, country music has taken an upswing and has a great variety that is actually danceable. I tend to get into the country line dance mode and perform standard moves to songs known to have their own "dance". Picture with just a hat and boots on!

A Latin Beat

I've always loved the sounds of Latin music and have learned many of the traditional dances associated with this ethnic favorite. Latin music just makes you feel sexy all the way around. When I hear one of my favorites, it puts me in the mood for a strip tease where my partner helps me with the clothing removal process. Most clients enjoy being the one to peel back the layers while vivacious Latin music plays in the background. 

How About Some Reggae?

You wouldn't automatically think about strippers when you hear Reggae music. Reggae tunes however, promote the feeling of peace. What better way to celebrate a new friendship than by watching one partner strip down to this down-to-earth music. I'm all ready to relax and bare it all for you!