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Mandy Meets The Bride

mandy2Hello out there! My name is Mandy, and I am an escort/stripper in Las Vegas that you can hire for personal dates or parties. I enjoy stripping very much, and I'm sure you will be enthusiastic about the performance I provide should you hire me for your event. I want to tell you a little story about the night I came face to face with the bride-to-be at a bachelor party I was working. Read on to learn more about how I saved the party with my actions!

I Was The Main Entertainment

When I was hired for this particular bachelor party, I was informed there was going to be a rather large crowd of men present. There were no women invited. Perfect! I could strut my stuff without having envious eyes upon me during my show. That seems to make an impact on a lot of strippers when it included. I was the only stripper performing. None of my coworkers were there to help me. It was all up to me!

The Guys Really Got Into The Performance

I gave it my all during this show. I knew that these men were hungry for a voluptuous woman's body right in front of them, and I was going to make sure each and everyone one of them got to see all that I have to offer. I made it a point to walk up to each person and give them their own dance for a few seconds before moving on to the next guest.

I Announced Lap Dances For Extra Fun

Those who came to this bachelor party were so wound up they didn't want me to stop my dancing. I did need a break after a while though and decided to slow things down with some exhilarating lapdances for each person in attendance. There's nothing better than having a private dancer right upon your lap, moving her body back and forth sexily. I knew the guys would get a kick out of it and let loose even more than they already were. This was a celebration..why not go for the gusto!

The Bride Walked In At The Worst Possible Time

Well, the bride-to-be knew where the bachelor party was being held because her bachelorette party was going on at the same establishment at the same time! Talk about great planning, huh? Of course, she wanted to take a peek in on what her soon-to-be husband was up to. I happened to be gyrating on his lap when she walked into the room. Uh oh! What do I do? There's bound to be a madwoman on my hands! 

I Got Her In On The Action

Instead of walking away from the guest of honor, I beckoned his female partner to join us. She was reluctant at first, but when she saw that her lover wanted her presence there with him, she quickly got on board with me. She took one leg, I took the other. We moved together and I showed her some tricks of my trade. We were actually getting along and I whispered in her ear "good luck!" and also asked her if there were any male strippers next door. You know what? There were! I grinned and put my finger up to my mouth and said "shhhh". The secret still remains!