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Roxie Reveals Her Bachelor Party Bloopers

roxie2You came to the right place if you are looking for a stripper to hire for a bachelor party! My name is Roxie, and I am an escort/stripper for hire who loves to party! I have had a blast making parties exciting and I have some bloopers that show I had fun along the way. Here are some funny incidents that have happened in the past.

Looks Like We Aren't At The Right Place

When I first started stripping, I was all gung-ho to get to the parties on time and show the guys all they wanted to see. I keep a calendar of events to show where I need to be and at what time. Well, it was a leap year...and I, unfortunately, had a calendar where you wrote in the dates on your own. I didn't realize there was a February 29th that year. So...on February 29th, which I thought was March 1st...I showed up at an event hall for what I thought was a pre-planned bachelor party. I was instructed to wait in the foyer and barrel on through the doors precisely at 4 p.m. I did just that. Imagine the surprise of the older folks who were attending a retirement party! Yes...I gave them an eye full! I went back the next day and did a repeat performance...for the right guys.

You Mean I Have The Wrong Outfit?

I had a bachelor party to attend where I was the entertainment. I was supposed to show up in gothic apparel. At least that is what I had thought. I mixed up this bachelor party with another one...oops. The guys really wanted someone who was dressed demurely who would then take it off at just the right moment. Well, in a room full of businessmen and sports enthusiasts...there I was...the girl dressed in black leather with fishnet stockings, four-inch pumps, and black lipstick. I felt as if I really didn't belong. The funny thing is...most of the guys really enjoyed this look!

I Really Don't Have Two Left Feet

It was one of the first times I needed to strip while wearing pumps that were spiked and really, really tall. I am used to dancing with heels, but not at this height. When I got into my performance, the guys hovered around me hoping to catch glimpses of nudity (which of course I provided to them). I stumbled while trying a fancy move. I ended up right on top of Grandpa! We aren't talking just in his lap though. We are talking my crotch right up in his face. The cell phones were doing double-duty at picture taking at that precise moment, let me tell you! Grandpa was grinning from ear to ear, and I was so very embarrassed. I managed to try to make it appear as if this was part of the show by gyrating my body a bit and doing a backward summersault to release myself from his grip. That party was one for the books!