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Have Mardi Gras All Year In Las Vegas When You Book Private Strippers

julie4Are you a Mardi Gras lover? If you have experienced this festive holiday in Las Vegas in the past, you know how exciting it is. If you haven't had the opportunity, it is definitely a holiday you want to partake while in Sin City. Mardi Gras can last all year long, however, if you know how to incorporate the fanfare into your daily activities. This includes....private strippers! Read on to learn how these beautiful ladies will spice up your days and nights so you believe you're celebrating the holiday any time of the year.

Contact Us To Book Your Women

We have so many pretty ladies available for hire, you'll have a tough time picking out who you want to show up to your party or private viewing. We encourage you to take a look at the profiles of each of our strippers in detail. There you'll see a sneak peek of our strippers' beauty...some more scantily clad than others. We don't want to let all the secrets out, now, do we? You'll have to wait until your woman/women show up so you can see everything up close! Once you have figured out who you want to see, give us a call or email us, and we will schedule your session. It's that easy!

Get The Decorations Ready

Everyone knows that beaded necklaces make up a big part of Mardi Gras. Women bare their breasts and flash them to anyone who may give them some of these glittery tokens. There are plenty of stores that sell these beads, all year long, in Las Vegas. Pick up a bundle and get them ready! Any time one of your strippers flashes herself to your or a friend, toss her a necklace. You'll find that the viewings escalate once you show your strippers you have trinkets to share for their nudity. You'll love seeing your strippers move around, jiggling their upper torsos to get you to give them a treat. 

Pump Up The Music

Music is a must when a striptease is about to take place. Make sure you have hits that will keep you and/or your guests moving along with the ladies you hire. There's plenty of action when a great song comes on. Get yourself a diverse setlist so you can witness fast and slow dancing in all its finest. If you plan on having guests watch the strip event, ask them beforehand what type of music they like best so you can accommodate their tastes with some of their favorites. Slow and easy means you're in for a lap dance or some cuddling! Fast music means you'll be up there stripping with the ladies!