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ASMR Escorts

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ASMR is one of those things that has popped up and taken the Internet by storm in recent years. If you searched ASMR you'd find hundreds of "ASMR artists", and many of them have millions of followers. Even W Magazine has its own segment of ASMR interviews (which, if it's your thing, the Cardi B interview is surprisingly exceptional). But if this is something you're new to, or have never heard of, ASMR might be completely foreign. So whether you're brand new to the idea, have never heard of it, or absolutely want to sign up for ASMR escorts, here's everything you need to know about it, what it does, and how ASMR escorts in Las Vegas will make you feel. 

What Are Las Vegas ASMR Escorts

ASMR has become so popular in recent years there was even an ASMR commercial during last year's Super Bowl. While it doesn't exactly work when watching over a standard television, it does indicate how popular it has become. But what are the ASMR escorts Las Vegas is known for offering? Well, to understand this, you need to better understand what ASMR is. 

The term "ASMR" is short for autonomous sensory meridian response. Okay, the name itself probably does nothing for you. Unless you have an in depth understanding of anatomy and psychology that name won't mean anything to you. What ASMR is though is a unique trigger that causes you to feel "tingles." Have you ever had someone gently massage the back of your head and it caused a sudden tingle sensation over your body? Perhaps goosebumps went flush over your arms? Even though the touch happened in one small spot on your body you end up feeling it throughout the rest of your body. And it doesn't need to be via touch either. It can be via sound or visual. Maybe you've had someone come up behind you and whisper into your ear. That single whisper caused the same tingle sensation to spread over your body. Or maybe someone waved their hands gently in front of your eyes, never touching you but there was something about the movement that caused the tingles. It is this tingle sensation that is ASMR and it is what an ASMR escort looks to provide. 

How Do I Find Sensual ASMR Escorts In Las Vegas

This isn't something you can necessarily ask just any Vegas escort to do. They need practice with it. They need to understand how to give people tingles. If you were to go up to any woman on the street and tell her to give you tingles she'd either slap you or look at you like you were crazy. While an escort isn't going to slap you, if she's out of her element the entire experience will go down hill. That is why you need to use a booking agency like ours and then ask specifically for an ASMR escort. They will know what you mean and will connect you with a girl who specializes in it. 

What Should I Know Before I Book An ASMR Relaxing Massage

Unlike what our fetish escorts do, ASMR isn't necessarily sexual. Naturally, it can be (anything can be sexualized). But it isn't deep touching. For that you want a massage. An ASRM massage is very light touching. It's minimal enough to make your body go flush and tingle all over. It will have some whispering and maybe some general hand movement. It's more sensual than anything else. 

How Las Vegas Escorts Create A Sensual ASMR Experience

Each ASMR massage and ASMR sensual experience is a bit different. It's different based not only on the girl but on you. Some people are "trigger immune," which means certain moves, touches, and visual stimulation might not work on them. Due to this the experience might be different. It's also why you need a woman who's experienced, as then she'll have a better idea of what to do and change up.  Everyone is a bit different, but it will be more sexy-sensual than overly graphic. 

The Sensual Massage Las Vegas Visitors Are Loving

When looking for an ASMR massage near me you'll want to go with one of our escorts. People coming to Vegas are loving this experience because it combines the tingle sensation of ASMR and beautiful escorts. When you bring these two together you have something incredible in the making. 

We Keep Your Privacy Safe

We specialize in keeping all information as private as possible. It's why we destroy all documentation after your escort experience. This way, nobody will every know about what took place. 

Other Las Vegas Sensual Massage Options:

There are plenty of massage options to consider. Some of these options can include:

Have something specific you are looking for? Ask away when you contact us and we'll do everything in our power to make it happen.