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Cannabis Friendly Escorts 

The state of Nevada passed new recreational marijuana laws recently, allowing individuals to enjoy weed and even the ability to purchase it from local dispensaries. If you're visiting Las Vegas and would like to take advantage of the new laws you might as well do it with your own Las Vegas escorts. After all, you might as well combine both weed with beautiful, sexy escorts. However, before you do so make sure you know some of the guidelines. This way, you'll be able to better prepare for your 420 escorts in Las Vegas experience. 

What Are 420 Friendly Escorts

These are escorts who are weed friendly. There are some escorts who would rather stay away from it and then there are others who are completely open to either being around weed or who will enjoy it with you. While there are new recreational laws that make enjoying weed legal you will want to make sure you book an escort who is cool with it. The best way to do this is to book the 420 friendly escorts Las Vegas has to offer. 

Where Are 420 Escorts Available In Las Vegas

Here's the thing about enjoy weed in Las Vegas while you visit. While recreational weed is legal you are not allowed to openly smoke it outside. It is similar to walking down the street, drinking alcohol. It is a public intoxicant, and as such needs to be enjoyed inside. However, you also can't go into a casino and smoke, as there are strict laws about the combination of drugs and gambling. You also can't smoke it inside of a hotel room either.

So, you might now be wondering where in the world you can enjoy the weed? There are two options. First, you'll either need a private residence, or you'll need to go to a specific location that is designated for 420 use. But if you don't live in the area what exactly are you suppose to do? It's not that you have a private house available, right? 

Well, you can. First, you can book a private residence through AirBNB or another similar rental service. Just make sure when you book the location it is 420 friendly (if you smoke weed in a non-weed friendly location you'll be hit with all kinds of fines, so look into this ahead of time). 

You can also ask the booking service where you get your 420 girls what they would recommend. While there will be laws that go into effect shortly (hopefully) that open up additional locations for you to enjoy weed in. For now though, if you want to find escort 420 friendly destinations your best bet will either be book a private residence as your hotel, or to talk to the agency ahead of time and find out what they recommend. 

How To Party With Las Vegas Girls Who Enjoy Weed

There is a small checklist of what you need to do in order to enjoy weed with girls in Las Vegas. First, book yourself a location that allows you to smoke there. That's the best way to fully enjoy weed. Second, when booking an escort make sure to ask about the 420 friendly girls. This way you know you'll have a girl who will enjoy the weed with you. And third, head out to the Las Vegas dispensaries. 

Do keep in mind these dispensaries will often only accept cash, so take out cash prior to heading to the dispensaries (these locations will have ATMs but the withdraw fee is high). 

A 420 Girl Can Guide You To Dispensaries And Answer Any Las Vegas Weed Life Questions You Have

You'll likely still have questions after you arrive. Don't worry, a 420 sexy girl escort will be able to help you with this and answer additional questions. They'll also be able to educate you on strains, body highs vs head highs, and other information if you're new to the weed world (or designer weed world)

How To Be 420 Friendly And Ride The Best High

Don't go all in all at once. If you haven't smoked quality weed before, or rarely smoke at all, don't try to do too much. You'll end up just passing out. So go slow. This way you'll know what you can handle.

We Keep Your Privacy Safe

Whether booking nude 420 girls or escorts simply to smoke with your information will always be kept safe. Our girls will even entertain couples. You'll never be contacted after the service and it will be discreetly listed on your credit card billing statement. 

Ask Your 420 Escort About These Other Vegas Nightlife Opportunities

Want to head to a strip club? Maybe one of the casinos? Or do you have something else in mind that you'd like to take part in? Not a problem. All you need to do is ask your 420 escort about additional activities and opportunities. They are some of the best tour guides you'll ever be around.