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Looking for a good time? Check out Trisha. Want the best escort service Vegas can offer? Here's Trisha. Have you always wanted to experience an ebony booty? Meet Trisha. Trisha is one of the best escort Las Vegas beauties around. Trisha is the seductive chocolate escort you have been waiting on.

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Hey there stud. Welcome to my page! My name is Trisha. As you can obviously tell I'm a hot piece of ebony ass. I want to share my ebony ass and tasty treats with you. So what do you say? Do you want to have a bit of fun with me while you are in Vegas? Oh boy I do hope so. I love to get out and just get my party on. Of course, my party is wherever you are at, so if that sounds like fun to you, I'm game.

Let's Get It Started. I like to get my evenings started right. That means meeting you right at your hotel. Now why should you have to wait to meet a gorgeous girl like me when you can have me simply go to your hotel room? Having me inside of your hotel room is so much better than anything else. There's just something about knowing you're going to have a beautiful woman in your room that sets the mood for the rest of the time in Vegas. Sure, you can be like all the other guys and have to go out and down to one of the clubs in order to potentially track down someone, or you can have the girl go to your room. Kind of cuts all of the none sense out, don't you think?

I'm One Delicious Ebony Booty. I have fun shaking my booty. I guess when you have something plump and juicy you just kind of like showing it off. If you have anything plump and juicy you should probably be showing it off as well. Shake (and use) what your mamma gave you, em' I right? Of course, I'm so much more than just a delicious ebony booty. I have other features I like to share. I've worked pretty hard on my body and I love to showcase it. I want you to be able to enjoy my body as much as I do (and believe me, I really, really do enjoy my body...probably a bit too much).

I also have an awesome personality. I love to have some fun and I love to just be the personality you didn't realize you could find on an escort. Nobody wants to spend time with a buzz kill. That's just a bummer. A buzz kill body is where the death of the party always stems from. But don't you worry. Whatever it is you have planned or what to do I will make sure you receive all the attention you want (and deserve). So give you a call and lets get it started right.