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Are you my Link? Have you come in search of me? Oh I do hope you have. I miss spending time with a boy who I do care for and can fall in love with. There are so many frightening places out there, I need a big, strong man who can show me through everything and who can take my hand, make me feel like a princess and assure me everything will be alright. Will you be that big, strong man for me? Will you take my hand? Will you tell me everything will be alright? Swoop me off my feet, show me I'm important to you and usher me away to somewhere secret where the two of us can spend time together and really get to know one another.

Let's Fall For Each Other. I've been hoping you'd arrive for so long now. I've wanted to meet a man like you for so long and now we're so close. I don't just want a man who I can spend time with and who I can show around the city. I want a man who I can fall for and who I can call my own. If we just happen to end the night as good friends I am fine with that, but I'd love to have someone who is more than just a friend. Who will hold me tight and I can can feel the complete warming embrace when they hug me. I love being wrapped in someone's arms as they keep me close. It is like they are shielding me from everything else going on around me. So let's go out on a date and see if this is possible. I want to see if any of this can happen with us. I think it can. I really do. So what do you say? Do you want to see if we'll fall for each other?

An Evening Or A Lifetime. Sometimes an evening can last a lifetime. We may only spend a few hours together but it may seem as though we spend a lifetime together. We will have the memories of our time spent together for the rest of our lives. Hopefully we will be able to see more of each other, but every great relationship starts with a first step and moves on from there. Let us take our first step and let us begin our beautiful time together. I really cannot wait to get to know you. I really can't. You just need to call me. So pick up your phone and give me a call.