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Talia is the Vegas escort you have been dreaming of. Wanting the best escort Las Vegas NV can offer? Say hello to Talia. Talia has a fun side you need to experience to believe. Want a bit of spice with your escort? Talia has what you need. There's nothing better than sliding off panties at the pool.

Contact Me Now! [email protected] ♥ (702) 240-6969

Aloha! My name is Talia. What's yours? I can't wait to meet you. Obviously if you are checking out my profile you have good taste ;)

I should probably tell you a little about myself. I'm from Hawai'i. I've been in Vegas now for probably 10 years or so. And no, I haven't been an escort here for 10 years. Ha, not even close. But I have been doing that kind of work for a few years now. Love every minute of it. There is just nothing like a man giving you attention to make you feel alive. I love the way guys like you treat me. It's funny, when I decided to become an escort everyone said that I'd probably regret it or that men would treat me like an object and not treat me right. In fact it has been the exact opposite.

I've met more nice guys this way than I ever met in the dating life. It's kind of why I only date my clients. No joke. Each of my past boyfriends over the last few years have all been former clients. We might be just spending a few hours with each other, but that doesn't mean we can't fall for each other, you know? I'm not seeing anyone right now, so who knows. Maybe you'll be that special someone I've been waiting for.

A Taste of Hawai'i For You. I like to offer up a taste of Hawai'i for all of my clients. It doesn't matter if you've been to Hawai'i before or not. I want to treat you with a fresh, enjoyable time while with me. I'll be that tropical breeze that cools you off and helps relax you. I want to be that girl that is able to make you feel good, no matter what kind of mood you were in before hand. After all, you can't really be in a bad mood if you are in Hawai'i. And well, you'll be as close to Hawai'i as you can get when with me (while you're in Las Vegas).

I also like to give a little peak of Hawai'i too. But that's what I call my who-ha. It's my "little island." Ha. The little jokes I have about that make me laugh, and maybe nobody else gets the jokes, but I sure enjoy showing off my Hawai'i to my men. I'd love to show it off to you if you can give me a call.