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Look no further. Your fantasies are about to be fulfilled. I am Julie and I have no doubt that you are going to choose me as your personal Vegas Stripper. Stare into my sultry eyes and you will see there are no hotter girls out there than me. I am an exotic one of a kind beauty who takes her performance very seriously. I'm not a throwaway Vegas stripper; I'm a classy bitch. I work at one of the most renowned strip clubs in Vegas in my spare time, but will happily take time out of my busy schedule to make an appearance at your next party, assuming you think you are up to the challenge.

I love to do group sessions. There is nothing more fun than a big group of guys appreciating your beauty, but just know that I do not work with other girls. It's not that I don't see how good other strippers in Las Vegas are, it's just that I don't see the point of mixing the best of the best with the rest. You know? It's like having beer and Champaign….the beer spoils the greatness of the Champaign and, well, I'm a fine wine that deserves all of your attention. You won't need any other Las Vegas strippers though, I promise you. I have the hottest body and the moves that are going to make you wonder how you ever lived with low grade stripping before me.

Because of my standards I won't just dress up as anything, but I can promise you that whatever costumes I do wear will be utterly tantalizing. There are no trashy outfits with me, only the best, handcrafted sort of costumes that will fit my body like a glove. I have curves that go on forever and watching me dance is like watching a lava lamp; absolutely mesmerizing. You wouldn't want to ruin all of that beauty with a ridiculous costume, would you? Let me work my magic on your party and everyone will be thanking you for exposing them to the girl of their dreams; maybe next time you come you can just invite me over for a little one on one session. Call me today if you are ready to upgrade to a classy Vegas Stripper experience!