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Hello there, I am, what you say, new to Las Vegas. Well, I am also new to this country. So I'm sorry if my English is not so good. It is second language to me. I started to learn language watching your American TV show Friends. Joey is so funny. How you doin?

Since I move to this city I have so much fun and I meet so many fun people. They all treat me so nice. They want show me all best spots and just love me. It makes me feel so good. I am warm inside from the feeling of love men show me here. It is something new I not completely use to. But every time I meet new man and he treats me good it makes be glow. Do you think if you book me you make me glow? I love you forever if you do. I will try so much hard to show you good time in return. But I think we both have good time together.

I have able to spend much of time in the city exploring. I know when I first came I was so overwhelmed with the lights. Everything sparkles. But now I am more use to it. I am use to so many beautiful girls around me. At first I was so shy. But with every guy I am spend time with I find I open up more and more. I no so shy any longer. And I able to show you just how no shy I am now.

I learned things back home before coming here men seem to like here. I from Eastern Europe. It is small country you may not hear of before. It not big and popular like those other European cities to West. Since not so much big, I find I had to look for other things that are big. Since coming to United States I have found, seen and touch many things that are so big. I like to explore and try to find the biggest things possible. Not just buildings. Anything big. I always amazed at how big some things can be. You think you help me find something big? You make me so happy if you can help. Maybe I able show you how happy I am made from sight of such big things.

I hope me speaking English as second language not turn off for you. I try. Maybe you help? If you like me I like spend time with you.